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Cathedral Park Wedding

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St John's bridge bride and groom

I’ll never get tired of all of the beautiful bridges in Portland, but St. John’s Bridge is extra special. Amanda and Bob chose Cathedral Park to tie the knot on a beautiful Friday in June – Friday the 13th event! June can be a risky time to get married outdoors in Portland, but these two just went all in and chose Friday the 13th for extra good luck! Oh, and did I mention that it was a full moon? Yah, it was a a full moon, a full honeymoon even. (I don’t know what that is, maybe the moon was kind of orange?)

Beautiful Curvy Bridal Boudoir

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And of course, I absolutely agree! I am always so sad when I hear, “Ok, I just need to lose XX pounds and then I’ll be ready!” I believe that every woman has an intrinsic beauty and their own unique spark. That doesn’t go away or change with a few extra or less pounds. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now and let you enjoy photos of a gorgeous and confident woman!

July 14, 2014 - 12:35 pm

Curvy Bridal Boudoir | Photographers of Portland - [...] Wow, I had such a blast photographing boudoir for this beautiful bride to be! She had some really great ideas and she was so natural and easy to photograph. I love how open she was with letting me use her images online. She thought it was really important for other curvy girls to see her images and know that any woman can do something like this! Click here to see more from her Portland Boudoir Photoshoot! [...]

Surprise Sunset Proposal!

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Men take note: It was just about half an hour before sunset on the Eastbank Esplanade. You really can’t beat the view of Portland from the east waterfront. I spend way too much time on the west side, so I didn’t realize how gorgeous the view of the downtown Portland skyline could be over the river!

If you’re thinking you might propose to that special someone soon, call me! I’m super sneaky and I’ve got long lenses. :)

Junebug Best of the Best Engagement Photos

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Junebug Best of the Best Engagement

Wow, so this image was awarded one of the “Best of the Best Engagement Photos” by Junebug weddings today! I feel so incredibly honored. Junebug has been my favorite wedding inspiration blog since I found it three years ago. They aren’t just another over the top wedding details eye candy blog. Instead, they consistently show amazing photography from all over the world. Their focus is on emotional moments, artistic lighting and creative composition.

Mt Hood Engagement ADVENTURE!

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Mt Hood Snowy Engagement Session

Do you like how I threw “ADVENTURE” into the title in all caps? That’s because it was.

Amanda and Bob drove in from Yakima for our “destination engagement shoot” in Government Camp. I know its only an hour away from Portland, but it felt like we traveled to some other land of snow and sun and wonderment. Also, it might look like I’m running a little behind with my blogging, but in fact, this snowy engagement session happened just two weeks ago! Despite being pretty much completely unprepared for a foot of snow, we had a pretty darn good time romping around and enjoying the on and off flurries of snow, clouds and sun. But I’ll quit talking now and just let you get to the good stuff…

Portland Fashion Shoot with Essance Natural Aromatherapy

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Favour Fashion Photoshoot

I recently had a the opportunity to work with Jasmine Tran, owner of Essance Natural Aromatherapy. She wanted to put together a champagne to promote her natural skincare line with the idea that skin is skin. No matter what shade yours comes in, you can take care of it using her holistic products that are all made with love.

A lot of these shots are the “outtakes” but those are my favorites. We worked with fabulous models, MoNika Ell, Echo Bull, Melissa Araujo, Rachel Romans and Favour Kibali. All of the styling was by Jasmine, hair and makeup by Beatrice Van, owner of Beauty by Bea PDX. I especially love Favour with all of her crack ups!

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