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Skamania Lodge Wedding

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Skamania Lodge Wedding Ceremony

Um, yes please to more weddings at Skamania Lodge! Melisa and Sal got married on a clear and windy day in front of the amazing view of the Gorge in Stevenson Washington.

Urban Studio Winter Wedding Reception

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Urban Studio Winter Wedding Reception Photographers

The space had a very dark and moody atmosphere with red lighting on the walls, yellow drop pendant lights, patterned projections on the movable walls and of course, long horned cow skulls! It was bold and unique – I love getting to see new styles.

The unique lighting was also a fun challenge for lighting as well. As you can see from some of the dancing pictures towards the end, it was overall a very dark space. However, the walls were lit from projection, so I couldn’t just blast light into the whole place. I had to be very directional and only light up my particular subject of focus, otherwise the walls would be washed out and lose their effect.

Hotel Vintage Plaza Wedding Photography

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Vintage plaza hotel portland wedding night wedding

Everybody loves a fun, fancy party on New Year’s Eve. Joey and Preston’s classy downtown Portland wedding was definitely a celebration for everyone. They threw a beautiful and intimate party for all of their closest friends and family.

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