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Right After the First Kiss – Portland Weddings

Yellow Gold Farm Wedding

Aubrey and Nathan’s wedding announcement as bride and groom at the Yellow Gold Farm ceremony.


Some of my favorite wedding images are from the moments right after the first kiss when the bride and groom are announced as husband and wife for the first time. The first kiss is of course important to catch, but the looks of sheer joy right after are unbeatable! I’ll be sharing a few more of my favorite moments from 2014 but I wanted to start here because I think its a really overlooked beautiful part of the day.

So mostly, yay weddings! Enjoy!


Zenith Vineyard Wedding Photographers

Rev Dee announces Mr. and Mrs. Murphy for the first time at Zenith Vineyards!

Stoller Vineyard Wedding Photography

I know, I know you really don’t want it to rain on your wedding day. But hey, look at these two! Can you imagine being any happier?

Belle Gardens Wedding Venue

Yep! You’re married now! That’s your husband!

Langdon Farms Wedding Photography

Aww… who doesn’t like a good cry? Drew had a few tears through his and Casey’s ceremony at Langdon Farms.

Cathedral Park and Water Oasis Weddings

Bob and Amanda shared their first dance right after they were announced husband and wife at Cathedral Park. Sarah and Eric broke a glad to celebrate their nuptials.

Tiffany Center Wedding

I love weddings at the Tiffany Center because you can go up in the balcony and get a great overview of the entire wedding!

Indoor Weddings

Sheila and Luke were led out of their ceremony by Sheila’s adorable nephew. Maria gripped her new husband right after their first kiss!

Newell House Wedding Photographers

Anna and Jacob’s wedding at the Newell House Museum was so beautiful!

Portland Wedding Photographers

Yes! Karla and Joe surprised everyone with light up glasses just after they were announced husband and wife. Why stick with boring traditions when you can have a little more fun?

Broken Top Wedding Photography

Yes! I think all wedding ceremonies should end with lots of petals! Michael and Amanda’s ceremony at Broken Top in Bend was gorgeous! Love it!

Green Villa Gardens Wedding Photography

I love Jason’s face right after his first kiss with his beautiful new Mrs at Green Villa Gardens.

Portland Wedding Photography
January 16, 2015 - 10:09 am

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