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Empress Estate Vancouver Wedding

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Columbia River First Look

It was a perfect backdrop for all of their gorgeous details. I loved Brittany’s wedding dress blowing in the wind, the guys with their cocktails on the balcony, and of course their first look on the gangway.

Gorge Engagement Session – Laura and Jesse

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Wow, I seriously cannot get enough of the Gorge lately! Laura and Jesse spent a lot of time out here in the Gorge growing up and its a really special place to Laura’s family. They’re getting married on the Washington side of the Gorge in October at a place called Cape Horn Estate. I can’t wait! I know it will be absolutely overflowing with amazing florals because guess what? Laura is the daughter of the owners of Gifford’s Flowers downtown! (Or maybe she is a part owner – I’m not sure?) Anyway, they know flowers, they love flowers and I know they will get super creative for this wedding!

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