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Floral Designs by Alicia
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Floral Designs by Alicia is one of my absolute favorite Portland wedding florists! Alicia does not know how to do boring, simple, or heaven forbid, monotone. These are not words in her vocabulary. What Alicia does is outstandingly lush and luxurious designs in gorgeous colors! Every bridal bouquet, each centerpiece is absolutely teeming with design, color and texture. She is the queen of finding the perfect complex variety of ingredients to make each piece unique and stunning! If you're looking for a wedding florist who will definitely go overboard on your wedding (but not charge you an arm and a leg) Alicia is your girl for sure!

Erica Ann is formally educated in photography and studio art. Her focus is transforming life's spectacular moments into enduring works of art worthy of timeless display. Serving Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

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Portland, OR
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