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Rosemary Stafford
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Rosemary Stafford is one of the most creative, out of the box thinking florists in Portland. She is truly an artist who does not restrict her medium to petals and blooms. You will frequently find her using fruit, vegetables, spices and who knows what else in her arrangements. I can always count on Rosemary to find something totally and unique to add into her arrangements at the last minute. She's not satisfied with the mundane and always strives to make her designs better and delightfully unique. I recommend Rosemary Stafford Floral Design to the bride who is willing to take risks and have something totally unique and beautiful!

Erica Ann is formally educated in photography and studio art. Her focus is transforming life's spectacular moments into enduring works of art worthy of timeless display. Serving Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Studio located in
Portland, OR
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