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I know, it can be super scary, but as you can see, I never bite my clients! I hope this page helps calm some of your fears with more Q and A's AND a peek inside a real shoot!

I've got stretchmarks, acne, scars, tattoos.... blah blah blah

Don't worry about stretchmarks and acne. I will remove that and you'll never know it was there. I am also happy to remove scars and moles at your request. Please feel free to talk to me about anything that's not your favorite. Tattoos can be removed for an extra fee depending on size and diffuculty.

Do you photograph men?

Erica Ann Photography is an all female studio, including hair and makeup stylists and assistants. However, if you would like to include your significant other in a shot at the end of your session, I am happy to capture you both fully clothed.

Do I have to get naked for my shoot?

Of course not! This shoot is all about you. I am delighted to have the opportunity to photograph you, in whatever makes you feel most beautiful.

But what if my best suit is my birthday suit?

Well then, let's go for it! I like to stay away from bits down below, but I am happy to photograph tasteful and implied nudity.

More about Glamour Photography

Boudoir Portfolio

Boudoir Portfolio

See the portfolio of Boudoir - Glamour - Beauty photography.

Before and After

Before and After

See the transformation of a professional makeover... and true connection!

Boudoir Products

Boudoir Products

An assortment of special gifts for you or your partner featuring your beautiful self.

Recent Glamour Photography

January 11, 2019

New Boudoir Studio

New Boudoir Studio

"I finally did it! I have my own studio! Oh my gosh, its so nice to have my own space again. We converted our garage into my perfect space. I have a huge glass garage door for all the natural light I need, grungy concrete floors and beautiful white, black and gray walls! I also have a meeting space for you to see all of your beautiful images on a 10 foot screen!!"

See the whole shoot!

July 16, 2018

"Um, wow. This gorgeous woman was so much fun getting to know and photo..."

October 20, 2016

"I am absolutely and totally in love with her gold sequin dress! Seriou..."

Erica Ann is formally educated in photography and studio art. Her focus is transforming life's spectacular moments into enduring works of art worthy of timeless display. Serving Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

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