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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Erica Ann Art Gallery

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"At 3 am" Acrylic on Canvas

So I’m thinking of making a real looking art gallery for my website.  I’m trying to figure out a way to differentiate my paintings and gallery wraps from the rest of my portfolio. Here’s a rough draft, let me know what you think: Erica Ann Photography is a fine art Wedding photographer located in Downtown […]

Tacie and Brett – Bonneville Dam

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This was one of the most colorful weddings I’ve ever been to. Tacie and her parents are interior designers so they certainly know their way around a color palette. They put together all of their flower arrangements and decorations themselves. I loved all of the orange and purple. It was beautiful! Tacie and Brett were […]

Charlie and his Chair

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I was bragging about this awesome pink chair that I have and someone called me on it. She wanted to see pictures. I didn’t have any pictures and when I went to snap a few I thought, “Well, might as well make ’em good.” And who did I find outside playing in the grass? That […]

Becca and Jim – The Academy, Vancouver, WA

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This was an absolutely gorgeous wedding! I feel so privileged to have shot it.  The Academy in Vancouver is a beautiful venue, Becca and Jim were very laid back and candid, and the reception was way too much fun. I wish I was a guest so I could have joined in the festivities. Eithe way, […]

Miroslava and Kevin – Cannon Beach

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I’ll have to start with a preemptive apology to all of my other couples, but this was probably the most fun I have had shooting a wedding. And it was a wedding of firsts for me. First red dress, first leather kilt (I have a feeling that may be an only too) and it was […]

Roshell and Landon

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Ok, and now to confuse you just a little bit more, here are the pictures I took of the happy couple just a month before. The butterflies were all Roshell’s idea. She liked the symbolism of new life that butterflies represent.  She is a true artist – and so much fun to work with! Erica […]

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