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Jeff and Joan – The Wedding Album!

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Fine art wedding photography

Jeff and Joan tied the knot during a beautiful sunset at the Aerie at Eagle Landing last month. This is their 10×10 Canvas Cover Wedding Album with Fine Art Watercolor pages. I just love telling the story of the day!

Patriotic Pin-up!

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Patriotic pin up boudoir American Flag

We have the power to shape our country. A few year back, a bunch of women worked really hard to earn us the right to vote in America. So don’t be lazy or complacent. Get out there and vote! Here’s a picture of a gorgeous pin-up I just got to photograph. She’s wrapped up in Old Glory just in case that helps your patriotism.

Aerie and Eagle Landing Wedding – Jeff and Joan

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Aerie at Eagle Landing Wedding Photos Portland, OR Sunset

Jeff and Joan had a small wedding ceremony in the round. It was pretty sweet, and extremely unique. For instance, have you ever been to a wedding where the officiant whips out his ipad to take a shot of the bride and groom? No? Me neither. I’ve seen plenty of guests with ipads, but never the officiant. Are unity candles pase? Apparently so. To really seal the deal, he had them log into facebook to update their relationship statuses. That is the true mark of a good officiant. He makes it official.

Kari and Leif – 10×10 Canvas Cover Wedding Album

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Wow, what a fun and laid back wedding. My favorite kind. Leif and Kari celebrated with all of their closest friends and family. They had a gorgeous sunset and an awesome fire engine! The bride and groom will be receiving a 40 page 10×10 Canvas Cover album with watercolor textured pages. I’m so excited for them to see it!

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