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Bald Peak Engagement Session – Anna and Jacob

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Bald Peak Engagement Photography

We had a cozy orange sunset, amazing old trees everywhere, stunning view of the mountains and an unbelievably huge harvest moon! I’m not that good. I didn’t know we’d be able to see all of the mountains and I definitely did not plan for the harvest moon. It just meant that Jacob and Anna had to put up with me for an extra few minutes while I found the perfect angle to get a romantic last shot of the evening. Thank you so much Anna and Jacob – I can’t wait for your wedding at the Newell House in Champoeg!

Intimate Glamourous Boudoir Photography

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Portland Boudoir Photographers Portland OR

I loved getting to photograph this beautiful woman. She has beautiful strong feature and as you can see – lovely curves. We did this glamour shoot as a birthday gift for her very lucky husband! I loved it because he actually came in with her to see the images as a surprise for his birthday. I will never, ever forget his reaction…. All he could say over and over was a quiet, “wow….wow….wow.” Best husband ever. 🙂

Bella Via Wedding Venue – Nelly and Damian

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Happiest Wedding Ever at Bella Via Sherwood Oregon Wedding Photographer

Ok, you will be hard pressed to find a wedding that even comes close to being as exciting or as deliriously happy as Nelly and Damian’s! These two were married at Bella Via Venue in Sherwood while outside the remnants of Typhoon Pabuk wreaked havoc with the heaviest wind and rains of the year. Thousands of people lost power all around but not us! We made it through with just one flicker of the lights.

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