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Hilarious Wedding Moments – Best of 2013

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Hilarious Fun wedding photographers

Oh my gosh, I loved putting this post together. I have so many awesome memories from last year! As you can see, over half of these images are from wedding receptions. That’s when the alcohol flows and “proper wedding etiquette” flees…. my favorite time. I hope these happy weddings make you smile as much as I did.

Beautiful Engagement Moments – Best of 2013

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Beautiful engagement photos Portland photographers

Engagement sessions can be pretty awesome. I love getting to know each couple better before their wedding day and getting them behind my camera is the best way to do that! I help brainstorm with each couple to figure out a location and something to do that’s personal. The photos turn out so much more meaningful than if we had just gone to some random park. Plus, we get to choose the time of day, which isn’t always the case on your wedding. So, here is a collection of some of my favorite beautiful engagement photos from 2013.

Emotional Wedding Moments – Best of 2013

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Emotional Wedding photography

Now this is what I really love about being a wedding photographer. Each wedding is like watching a movie. I get to see nervous excitement before the wedding, tears of joy and disbelief when couples see each other for the first time and of course, full on bawling during the ceremony! I just feel so lucky that I’ve had so many wonderful couples trust me with their most intimate moments.

Hilarious Engagement Session Moments – Best of 2013

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Laughing Engagement Photos

Laughing Engagement Photos

If you’re wondering whether or not I would be a good fit for your wedding and engagement photos – I have one question for you: Do you like to laugh? I know, I’m sure there are 100 other questions The Knot and Martha Stewart would want you to consider, buut…. I think they’re trying way too hard. Life is too short for all of that stuff. Just grab your Love and enjoy life together.

Beautiful Wedding Moments – Best of 2013

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Beautiful Wedding Photography

This week I’ll be sharing a blog post every day with all of my favorite images from 2013. There are three things that are most important to me in my photography: truth, beauty and art. Today I want to show you some of the most beautiful wedding moments that I experienced in 2013.

Urban Studio Winter Wedding Reception

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Urban Studio Winter Wedding Reception Photographers

The space had a very dark and moody atmosphere with red lighting on the walls, yellow drop pendant lights, patterned projections on the movable walls and of course, long horned cow skulls! It was bold and unique – I love getting to see new styles.

The unique lighting was also a fun challenge for lighting as well. As you can see from some of the dancing pictures towards the end, it was overall a very dark space. However, the walls were lit from projection, so I couldn’t just blast light into the whole place. I had to be very directional and only light up my particular subject of focus, otherwise the walls would be washed out and lose their effect.

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