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Cathedral Park Wedding

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St John's bridge bride and groom

I’ll never get tired of all of the beautiful bridges in Portland, but St. John’s Bridge is extra special. Amanda and Bob chose Cathedral Park to tie the knot on a beautiful Friday in June – Friday the 13th event! June can be a risky time to get married outdoors in Portland, but these two just went all in and chose Friday the 13th for extra good luck! Oh, and did I mention that it was a full moon? Yah, it was a a full moon, a full honeymoon even. (I don’t know what that is, maybe the moon was kind of orange?)

Beautiful Curvy Bridal Boudoir

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And of course, I absolutely agree! I am always so sad when I hear, “Ok, I just need to lose XX pounds and then I’ll be ready!” I believe that every woman has an intrinsic beauty and their own unique spark. That doesn’t go away or change with a few extra or less pounds. Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now and let you enjoy photos of a gorgeous and confident woman!

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