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Portland Rose Garden and Waterfront Engagement Session – Sarah and Eric

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Portland Rose Garden Engagement

Eric is all about the very public displays of affection while Sarah mostly tries to avoid them. I absolutely love this first shot of the two of them because its so real. Sarah has that adorable coy look going on. Ha! I love it!

Downtown Portland Night Engagement Photography

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Winter night portland engagement photographers

For our winter evening engagement shoot, we met at my downtown studio about an hour before sunset – Amanda and Michael drank hot chocolate out of home made mugs and snuggled, laughed and made crinkle noses at each other. (Well, Amanda made crinkle noses, I’m not sure if Michael can really do it)

Then we took a little stroll outside so we could freeze our faces off for a bit. Yes, it was a brisk 32 degrees that night! We walked around the PSU campus and then downtown to all the pretty lit trees! There is nothing like white Christmas lights at night for awesome background bokeh!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mary and Brian Engagement Session Mother's day tree

Ok, I know today is a day to celebrate moms of human children, but I’m just gonna go ahead and extend it out to mothers of adorable puppies like Ziggy too! Its my blog, I do what I want. 🙂

For all you awesome moms, no matter what your kids look like – Happy Mother’s Day!! And of course, congratulations to soon-to-be newlyweds, Mary and Brian!

xoxo, Erica

Colby and John – Engagement Guest Book

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I’m so excited for John and Colby to get to use their engagement guest book at their wedding in June!

Rainy Day McMinnville Engagement – Josiah and Kalia

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McMinnville Rainy Day Engagement Photography

Some of my best memories are in the rain. I got married in in a torrential downpour, I had my first “DTR” (determine the relationship) with my hubby during a 2 hour walk in the rain. I don’t know if its because of the rain or in spite of the rain, but romance happens in […]

Amanda and Simran – Portland Engagement Photography

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Amanda and Simran Portland Engagement Photographer

I had a good time hanging out with Simran and Amanda in Portland the other day. We took a nice long walk around the pearl. It was a beautiful evening and they are like two peas in a pod! I will definitely enjoy photographing their backyard Portland wedding next month. Until then, please enjoy their […]

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