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Grossen Peaches Farm Wedding Photography

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Portland Wedding Photographers

Wow! Cindy and Seth’s wedding at Grossen Peaches was so beautiful down to every last detail. From the outside of this wedding, I just wouldn’t think it could also be super fun and laid back.

Portland Art Museum Indian Wedding

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Portland Wedding Photography

I hadn’t photographed a traditional Indian ceremony before, so I wasn’t always sure what was going on, but I photographed it all and it was a lot of fun! Hindu ceremonies are much more active than American wedding ceremonies. Since many of the guests were not Hindu, the priest took time to explain most of what was going on so the traditions would have meaning for everyone.

Cathedral Park Wedding

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St John's bridge bride and groom

I’ll never get tired of all of the beautiful bridges in Portland, but St. John’s Bridge is extra special. Amanda and Bob chose Cathedral Park to tie the knot on a beautiful Friday in June – Friday the 13th event! June can be a risky time to get married outdoors in Portland, but these two just went all in and chose Friday the 13th for extra good luck! Oh, and did I mention that it was a full moon? Yah, it was a a full moon, a full honeymoon even. (I don’t know what that is, maybe the moon was kind of orange?)

Urban Studio Winter Wedding Reception

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Urban Studio Winter Wedding Reception Photographers

The space had a very dark and moody atmosphere with red lighting on the walls, yellow drop pendant lights, patterned projections on the movable walls and of course, long horned cow skulls! It was bold and unique – I love getting to see new styles.

The unique lighting was also a fun challenge for lighting as well. As you can see from some of the dancing pictures towards the end, it was overall a very dark space. However, the walls were lit from projection, so I couldn’t just blast light into the whole place. I had to be very directional and only light up my particular subject of focus, otherwise the walls would be washed out and lose their effect.

World Forestry Center Wedding – Alison and Brad

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The Forestry Center Wedding Photos

Alison and Brad had a beautiful wedding celebration at The World Forestry Center with their family and friends. I love the Forestry Center because there is such a huge variety of beautiful natural scenery within walking distance. (Go figure) We had some time before the wedding for Alison and Brad to see each other for the first time. (We wedding photographers call this the “First Look” just in case you were wondering) But that’s always my favorite part. If I’m lucky, the guy will even cry a little. Its awesome.

Mac and Iván – The Wedding Album Tells the Story

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Mac and Iván - The Wedding Album Tells the Story

I can’t wait to have this album printed and in the hands of Iván and Mac. I love designing each couple’s wedding album to tell their story. Its almost my favorite part of being a wedding photographer.

Mac and Iván will have an 8×8 custom photo cover album.

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