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Intimate Glamourous Boudoir Photography

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Portland Boudoir Photographers Portland OR

I loved getting to photograph this beautiful woman. She has beautiful strong feature and as you can see – lovely curves. We did this glamour shoot as a birthday gift for her very lucky husband! I loved it because he actually came in with her to see the images as a surprise for his birthday. I will never, ever forget his reaction…. All he could say over and over was a quiet, “wow….wow….wow.” Best husband ever. 🙂

Stoller Vineyard Wedding – Best Day Ever!!

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Stoller Vineyard Wedding Rainy Day Wedding

Backup wedding rain plan? What? Why would you do that when you could just go ahead and have the best day ever? There’s something about an extreme rainstorm that gives a wedding that extra special ingredient that makes it juuuust right!

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